By Lisa Kron
Directed by Joseph Price
The Levin Stage

June 13 – July 13, 2008

A deliriously infectious tale of how health lies in our ability to embrace the complexities and contradictions of life. Lisa Kron writes herself as a character in this “one woman piece with other actors…and her mother”. She attempts to act out her childhood in a racially integrated neighborhood, ‘healed’ from decline by her mother’s civil rights efforts. Lisa’s flashbacks conflict with her mother’s memories and she finds herself in the middle of a comedic coup d’etat.


Lisa Kron | Melinda McCrary*
Ann Kron | Joicie Appell*
Actor A | Rachel May Roberts*
Actor B | Dana Thompson
Actor C | Walter Coppage*
Actor D | Kyle L. Mowry*


Director | Joseph Price
Stage Manager | Ashley Dover*
Scenic Designer | Gary Mosby
Lighting Designer | Rocco D’Santi

Sound Designer | Jason Scheufler
Costume Designer | Gary Campbell
Props Designer | Tanya Brown

Production Assistant | Kyle Crose
Sound Technician | Rob Hermann
Set Construction | Glenn Lewis