By Nina Raine
Directed by Theodore Swetz
The Levin Stage

June 3-28, 2015

Billy was born deaf into a comically dysfunctional family (that has never bothered to learn sign language). When he meets a girl and a larger deaf community, it sparks a rebellion against his eccentric family and a struggle for self-identity.


Christopher | David Fritts*
Beth | Jan Rogge*
Ruth | Nicole Marie Green*
Daniel | Jake Walker*
Billy | Paul Ososki
Sylvia | Lisa Lehnen


Director | Theodore Swetz
Stage Manager | Tanya Brown*
Scenic Designer | Gary Mosby
Lighting Designer/Technical Director | Alex Perry
Sound Designer | Jonathan Robertson

Costume Designer | Georgianna Londré Buchanan
Properties Designer | Bret Engle
Projections Designer | David Kiehl
Assistant Technical Director | Jamie Lindemann

Dramaturg | Amanda Boyle
Production Assistant | Kelsey Brennan York
Sound Board Operator | Manon Halliburton
Dialect Coach | Nicole Marie Green