The Pillowman
By Martin McDonagh
The Levin Stage

September 1 – 24, 2006

A children’s book writer in a totalitarian stat—not exactly the stuff Goldilocks was made of.  Unicorn’s 2006-2007 Season begins with a  black-as-night comedy that provides a disturbing look at what defines are, to the realities of censorship and the importance of individual rights.  A writer is questioned about the inspiration for his dark children’s stories when real murders that mirror his tales begin taking place.  It’s chilling, it’s stimulating, and believe it or not, it’s funny.  (But please, leave the kids at home.)


Katurian | Nathan Darrow*
Tupolski | Darryl Stamp*
Michal | Rusty Sneary*
Ariel | Mateusz Lewczenko*
Father | Joe Price*
Mother | Ingrid Andrea Geurtsen
Girl | Chloe Michelle Fey
Boy | Patrick James “P.J.” Lawhon


Director | Joe Price
Stage Manager | Ashley Dover*
Scenic Designer | Gary Mosby
Lighting Designer | Jeffrey Cady*
Sound Designer | Jason Scheufler

Costume Designer | Jennifer Myers-Ecton
Props Designer | Paula Pearson
Illustrations | Adriana Sandoval
Video Co-Directors | Joe Price and Jeffrey Cady

Video Director of Photography | Mark Titus
Makeup and Effects | Paula Pearson
Production Assistant | Sarah Cooper
Sound Technician | Laura Lange
Construction | Glenn Lewis