By Hilary Bettis
Directed by Ian R. Crawford
The Levin Stage

April 20 – May 8, 2016

In Juárez, Mexico, the most violent city in the world, Juanda’s daughter goes missing from the sweatshop they work in. When the crooked policia refuse to help, Juanda’s only hope is to ask the dark saint, La Santa Muerte, to guide her. Charging through dreams and visions, Juanda must risk everything if she ever hopes to see her daughter again in this riveting World Premiere production.


Juanda Cantu | Vanessa A. Davis*
Raquel Cantu | Rebecca Muñoz
“El Reloj” | Justin Barron*
Camille | Dawnnie Mercado*
Pedro Lopez | Bradley J. Thomas
Roberto Castillo | Francisco Javier Villegas*
Man in a Black Hat | José Faus
La Santa Muerte | Meredith Wolfe


Director | Ian R. Crawford
Stage Manager | Tanya Brown*
Scenic Designer | Alexander LaFrance
Lighting Designer | Alex Perry
Sound Designer | David Kiehl

Projections Designer | Em Swenson
Costume Designer | Georgianna Londré Buchanan
Properties Designer | Bret Engle
Technical Director | Gregory Chafin
Scenic Painter | Sarah White
Production Assistants | Hannah Miller, Sarah Cooper & Rachel Dyer

Dramaturg | Amanda Boyle
Assistant Dramaturg | Michael Allen
Makeup Consultant | Areli Gil
Fight Choreographer | Scott Stackhouse
Dialect Coach | Francisco Javier Villegas
Sound Board Operator | Manon Halliburton