By Ron Simonian
Co-Directed by Cynthia Levin & Johnny Wolfe
The Jerome Stage

December 6-23, 2012

Pegged to the Mayan’s “End of the World” prediction, Pastor Lester Dupree has a plan for your salvation. Lester infuses his fanatical takes on the word of God with his very own brand of music. It’s time to build your home in heaven, so bring an open mind, an open heart, but most importantly, bring your soul. Your salvation is moments away!


Lester Dupree | Ron Simonian
Camera Man/Angel | Francisco “Pancho” Javier Villegas
Lester’s Wife | Kelly Main
Lester’s Daughters | Megan Herrera & Rachel Brennan Leyh


Director | Cynthia Levin & Johnny Wolfe
Stage Manager |
Scenic Designer |
Lighting Designer |
Assistant Lighting Designer |

Sound Designer |
Costume Designer |
Props Designer |
Projections Designer/Sound Board Operator|

Fight Choreographer |
Dramaturg |
Production Assistant |
Projections Designer/Sound Board Operator|