Orson’s Shadow
By Austin Pendleton
The Levin Stage

October 20 – November 12, 2006

They were giants. Orson Welles, Laurence Olivier, Joan Plowright, and Vivien Leigh. But, oh hot the might fall.  In this humorous take on fame and the vulnerability of great talents, playwright Pendleton imagines what might have gone backstage during Ionesco’s Rhinoceros, a play Welles directed at London’s National theatre in 1960.  Orson’s Shadow uses humor and irony to reveal the fragility and vulnerability of there larger-than-life celebrities—actors whose tangled romances and fleeting fame lead to a hilarious and powerful clash of the titans.


Orson | Jim Birdsall
Larry | Jim Korinke
Vivien | Melinda McCrary
Joan | Cinnamon Schultz
Ken | Bruce Roach
Sean | Doogin Brown


Director | Mark Robbins
Stage Manager | Rebecca Martin*
Scenic Designer | Adrianna Sandoval
Lighting and Sound Designer | Jeffrey Cady

Costume Designer | Jennifer Myers-Ecton
Props Designer | Justin M. Shaw

Production Assistant | Chelsea Weck
Sound Technician | Laura Lange
Construction | Glenn Lewis