By Ken Davenport and Real People Just Like you
Directed by Cynthia Levin
The Levin Stage

September 25 – October 18, 2009

Where was your first time? Your wedding bed? A Burger King bathroom? Over 40,000 people anonymously posted their true first-time stories to a website. Silly, sweet, absurd, funny, gay, straight, awkward, shy, these stories spring to life in My First Time by four amazing actors. You’ll be reminiscing about your own first time. Are you bold enough to share it?


Woman #1 | Cheryl Weaver*
Woman #2 | Lauretta Pope*
Man #1 | Keenan Manuel Ramos*
Man #2 | Scott Cordes*


Director | Cynthia Levin
Stage Manager | Jinni Pike*
Scenic Designer | Gary Mosby
Lighting Designer | Alex Perry

Sound Designer | Benjamin G. Stickels
Projections Designer | Jeffrey Cady*
Costume Designer | Jon Fulton Adams
Properties Designer | Tanya Brown

Production Assistant | Matt Grevan
Projections Operator | Areli Gil
Sound Board Operator | Melissa Fennewald
Set Construction | Glenn Lewis