By Anne Washburn
Score by Michael Friedman
Lyrics by Anne Washburn
Directed by Theodore Swetz
Co-Produced with UMKC Theatre
The Levin Stage

December 2 – 27, 2015

What happens to humanity after the apocalypse? This imaginative dark comedy follows a new civilization of survivors as they band together to build a community from the rubble of the world we now know. Jump into a wild future where “The Simpsons” and the pop culture of today becomes the mythology of tomorrow in this unexpected, musical love letter to the power of live theatre.


Sam/Homer/Mr. Burns | Matt Rapport*
Jenny/Marge/Edna | Maya Jackson
Maria/Lisa & 2nd FBI Agent/Marge | Manon Halliburton*
Matt/Bart/Homer | Tim Scott*
Colleen/1st FBI Agent/Lisa | Mariem S. Diaz
Gibson/Husband & Sideshow Bob/Scratchy | Matthew A. King
Quincy/Wife (Business Woman)/Bart | Jessalyn Kincaid*
Itchy/Musician | Cheryl Benge


Director | Theodore Swetz
Stage Manager | Tanya Brown*
Music Director | Jonathan Robertson
Co-Choreographer | Stephanie Roberts
Co-Choreographer | Maya Jackson
Scenic Designer | Trevor Frederiksen
Lighting/Projections Designer | Nicole Jaja
Associate Projections Designer | Jamie Leonard

Sound Designer | Jae Shanks
Co-Costume Designer | Sarah M. Oliver
Co-Costume Designer | Paige K. Beltowski
Co-Properties Designer | Joshua Christ
Co-Properties Designer | Colleen Shea
UMKC Technical Director | Meg Dolben
Assistant Technical Director | Andrew Steele

Technical Coordinator | Jamie Lindemann
Dramaturg | Jamie Alderiso
Sound Engineer | Jason Bauer
Master Electrician | Glenn Linder
Light Board Programmer | Matiara Huff
Assistant Lighting Designer | Shannon Barondeau
Production Assistants | Afton Earp & Katherine Gehrlein
Sound Board Operator | Rita Sobbing