By Christopher Durang
Co-Directed by Cynthia Levin and Steven Eubank
Co-Produced with UMKC Theatre
The Jerome Stage

December 4, 2009 – January 3, 2010

When life becomes just too frightful to endure, Veronica opts out for eternal peace. Instead, she finds herself in the Bardo (Tibetan Buddhist netherworld) with an overly cheery spirit guide who forces her to reincarnate in a dizzying array of roles, from trailer-park infant to fractious golden retriever. There are lessons to learn if she is to save her soul—and maybe even the world.


Veronica | Jan Rogge*
Maryamma | Amy Urbina
Mother 1, 2 | Dina Kirschenbaum
Father 1, 2 and Others | Matthew Rapport*
Teacher/Woman in a Hat | Helen Gonzalez


Co-Directors | Cynthia Levin and Steven Eubank
Stage Manager | Jinni Pike*
Scenic Designer | David Hawkinson
Lighting Designer | SeifAllah Cristobal

Technical Director | Emilie Weilbacher
Sound Designer | Daniel Warneke
Costume Designer | Sasha Ehlers
Properties Designer | Panela Leung

Dramaturg | Megan A. Baker
Production Assistants | Lindsey King and Chris Kozak
Assistant Sound Designer/Board Operator | Jenn Peterson
Unicorn Technical Supervisor | Glenn Lewis