By Deborah Zoe Laufer
Directed by Darren Sextro
The Jerome Stage

March 7 – April 1, 2018

A genetic anthropologist, Jillian, is driven to map out futures and reveal histories through DNA, desperately fighting to save her own young daughter from developing early-onset Alzheimer’s. When the opportunity arises to research the genes of an isolated Native American tribe that could hold the key, Jillian sets out on a mission to make a break-through discovery. Inspired by the conflict between a Native tribe and an Arizona university, Informed Consent takes on the personal and national debate about science vs. belief, and whether our DNA should write our life stories.


Jillian | Manon Halliburton*
Graham | L. Roi Hawkins*
Dean Hagen/Jillian’s Mother/Sheila | Teisha M. Bankston*
Ken/Lawyer/Little Girl/Joan | Justin Barron*
Natalie/Arella | Enjoli Gavin


Director | Darren Sextro
Stage Manager | Tanya Brown*
Scenic Designer | Kelli Harrod
Lighting Designer | Shane Rowse

Sound Designer | David Kiehl
Sound Engineer | Stephen Jarvis
Costume Designer | Mary Traylor
Assistant Costume Designer | Jon Fulton Adams
Projections Designer | Em Swenson

Dramaturg | Ian R. Crawford
Sound Board Operator | Courtney Dozier
Assistant Projection Designer | Timothy Sella
Props Designer | Eric Palmquist