By Brian Friel
Directed by Sidonie Garrett
The Levin Stage

April 25 – May 18, 2008

This mesmerizing play about faith and devotion centers on Francis Hardy who has spent a lifetime peddling hope through the decayed villages of Scotland and Wales. The tales of his journey and his fateful return home to Ireland are told in separate, often contradictory, confessions from his agent, mistress and Frank himself. Questions of who we trust and why we believe arise as the characters explore whether Frank has a true gift or is simply a con man.


Frank | Mark Robbins*
Grace | Merle Moores*
Teddy | Bruce Roach*


Director | Sidonie Garrett
Stage Manager | Ashley Dover*
Scenic Designer | Jon Young
Lighting Designer | Art Kent

Sound Designer | Randy Wandall
Costume Designer | Atif Rome
Props Designer | Paula Pearson

Production Assistant | Jinni Pike
Assistant Sound Designer | Jenn Peterson
Sound Technician | Kyle Crose
Set Construction | Glenn Lewis