By Logan Black
Directed by Cynthia Levin
The Jerome Stage

April 24 – May 19, 2019

Kansas City playwright, actor, and veteran Logan Black explores the age old relationship between K-9 and human in this deeply affecting true story. While serving in Iraq, Black and Diego, his Specialized Search Dog, were one of the most successful K-9 bomb sniffing teams ever. They worked side by side, saved each other’s lives, and survived the bloodiest year of the war together. With a life-sized Diego puppet created by Mesner Puppet Theater, this KC Fringe favorite takes on a whole new life in this expanded, full length and fully-realized production.


Soldier | Logan Black*
Puppeteer | Erika Lynnette Baker


Director | Cynthia Levin
Stage Manager | Tanya Brown*
Scenic Designer | Kelli Harrod
Lighting Designer | Nicole Jaja
Master Electrician/Assistant Lighting Designer | Steve Chirpich

Sound Designer | David Kiehl
Costume Designer | Ian R. Crawford
Props Designer | Abigayle Huggins
Projection Designer | Em Swenson

Puppet Designer | Mike Horner
Dramaturg | Hannah Taylor
Asst. Projection Designer | Jerry Mañan
Production Assistant/Sound Board Operator | Chloé Robbins