By Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Directed by Damron Russel Armstrong
The Levin Stage
A Co-Production with UMKC Theatre

November 30 – December 26, 2016

“An Octoroon” transforms a 19th century plantation melodrama with a beautiful maiden, Indians, and slaves into a theatrical event that is equally hilarious and moving, subversive and provocative. Part period satire, part meta-theatrical middle finger, it’s a shocking challenge to the racial pigeonholing of 1859—and of today.


BJJ/George/M’Closky | Rufus Burns*
Playwright/Wahnotee/Lafouche | Logan Black*
Assistant/Pete/Paul | Michael Thayer*
Dora | Cinnamon Schultz*
Zoe | Jessica Franz
Minnie | Rasheedat “Ras” Badejo
Dido | Amber McKinnon
Grace | Teisha M. Bankston
Br’er Rabbit/Ratts | Peter Morgan


Director | Damron Russel Armstrong
Stage Manager | Tanya Brown*
Scenic Designer | Tristan James
Lighting Designer | Shannon Barondeau
Assistant Lighting Designer | Hector Quintero
Unicorn Technical Director | Gregory Chafin

Sound Designer | Jae Shanks
Assistant Sound Designer | Jesus Rivera
Costume Designer | Caroline Allander
Props Designer | Sandra Lopez
UMKC Technical Director | Andrew Steele
Technical Coordinator | Alex Perry

Scenic Charge Artist | Christian Taylor
Dramaturg | Dalton Pierce
Master Electrician | Daniel Wally
Programmer | Pamela Meadows
Production Assistant | Paula Fritz
Production Assistant | Lisa Tinker
Sound Board Operator | Mitchell Ward