In-Progress New Play Readings



This is your opportunity to catch a glimpse of new plays that are being developed by local and national playwrights. It is a rare opportunity to be involved in the playwright's process and Unicorn Theatre is thrilled to offer you the opportunity. Many of the shows you will hear read are being considered for upcoming seasons. (how "VIP" to be able to say you were there when it was first read!) In the last three seasons, four of the plays read in this series have been produced in our main season.


The Pitchforks by Andrew Kramer

Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 7:30 PM

Directed by Ian R. Crawford
Featuring: Damron Russel Armstrong, Vi Tran, Matt Rapport, Vincent Onofrio Monachino, Will Fritz
Stage Directions: Laura Jacobs

The camera holds on a lingering shot of the buzzing neon sign and you know exactly where we’re at. EXT. a shitty roadside motel, the type of motel where only two things happen: sex and murder. In that order. INT. A group of old friends reuniting to escape wife and life. But as the sun sets and the heat rises, old ghosts begin to walk among the living... The Pitchforks is an homage to horror movies and the people who love (and hate) (and make) them. 

The Pitchforks is rated NC-17 
For language, violence, subject matter… it’s horror dammit!

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