The Effect


By Lucy Prebble

Directed By Sidonie Garrett

Sept 5 to Sept 30

Love, Lust Or a Side Effect

Connie and Tristan are magnetically drawn to each other. Racing hearts, sleepless nights - they’ve fallen head over heels. But is their infatuation love or just a symptom of the new antidepressant they’re taking in a clinical trial? As two supervising doctors try to untangle the ethical quandaries of this illicit relationship, Connie and Tristan risk it all to be together. Consequences be damned.



Creative Team

Tanya Brown ~ Stage Manager

Emily Swenson ~ Scenic and Projections Designer

Nicole Jaja ~ Lighting Designer

David Kiehl ~ Sound Designer

Georgianna Buchanan ~ Costume Designer

Eric Palmquist ~ Properties Designer

Hannah Taylor ~ Dramaturg

Alex Davila ~ Co-Projections Designer

Amanda Burkhart ~ Scenic Artist

Taylor Sullivan ~ Master Electrician

Taylor Smith ~ Production Assistant

Chioma Anyanwu ~ Sound Board Operator 


Manon Halliburton and Rufus Burns

Rufus Burns and Amy O'Connor

Todd Lanker and Manon Halliburton