By Lynn Nottage

Oct 17 to Nov 11

American Dreams Undone

A group of close friends share everything: secrets, laughs, and drinks at the local watering hole in Reading, PA. But when layoffs begin at the factory where they work, friendships are shattered and loyalties are questioned in the fight for survival. This prize winning play by Unicorn favorite Lynn Nottage (Ruined, By the Way Meet Vera Stark) explores the collapse of working class America and the impact on communities when Union workers are locked out and racial tensions run high.


Keenan Ramos

Matthew J. Lindblom

Teddy Trice

Jan Rogge

Cecilia Ananya

Vanessa A. Davis

Greg Butell

Justin Barron

Lewis J. Morrow


Artistic Staff:

Stage Manager - Tanya Brown

Scenic Designer - Gene Friedman

Costume Designer - Arwen White

Lighting Designer - Emily Swenson

Sound Designer/Video Designer - David Kiehl

Properties Designer - Eric Palmquist

Dramaturg - Michelle Tyrene Johnson

Production Assistant/Scenic Artist - Taylor Jene Sullivan

Sound Board Operator - Alex Murphy 



Cecilia Ananya and Vanessa A. Davis

Jan Rogge and Matthew J. Lindblom

Teddy Trice and Keenan Ramos