Nomad Motel

By Carla Ching

Directed By Andi Meyer and Ian R. Crawford

Jan 23 to Feb 17

Hidden Homelessness & Hope

A World Premiere


On the not-so-sunny side of California, teenage Alix bounces between motel rooms while taking care of her brothers for her absent mother. Her classmate, Mason, is a budding songwriter sent to America for high school by his father in Hong Kong. Together, they must learn to scrape by without giving up their dreams. This National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere is a coming-of-age tale about motel kids and parachute kids making something out of nothing in the land of plenty.


Walter Coppage

Heidi Van

Eric Palmquist

Annie Schwaner

Justin Barron


Production Team:

Tanya Brown ~ Stage Manager
Emily Swenson ~ Scenic Designer and Co-Projections Designer
Sarah Oliver ~ Costume Designer
Victor En Yu Tan ~ Lighting Designer
Zach Pierson ~ Sound Designer
Paula Pearson ~ Props Designer
Greg Mackender ~ Music Coordinator and Co-Projections Designer
Sarah Jean Hohne ~ Dramaturg
Zoe Spangler ~ Assistant Lighting Designer
Chloé Robbins ~ Production Assistant
Chioma Anyanwu ~ Sound Board Operator 

About The National New Play Network:

National New Play Network (NNPN) is the country’s alliance of non-profit professional theaters dedicated to the development, production, and continued life of new plays. Since its founding in 1998, NNPN has supported more than 200 productions nationwide through its innovative National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere program, which provides playwright and production support for new works at its Member Theaters. Additional programs - its annual National Conference, National Showcase of New Plays, and MFA Playwrights Workshop; the NNPN Annual and Smith Prize commissions; its residencies for playwrights, producers and directors; and the organization’s member accessed Collaboration, Festival, and Travel banks and online information sessions - have helped cement the Network’s position as a vital force in the new play landscape. NNPN also strives to pioneer, implement, and disseminate ideas and programs that revolutionize the way theaters collaborate to support new plays and playwrights. Its most recent project, the New Play Exchange, is changing the way playwrights share their work and others discover it by providing immediate access to information on more than 15,000 new plays by living writers. NNPN’s 30 Core and more than 75 Associate Members - along with the more than 150 affiliated artists who are its alumni, the thousands of artists and artisans employed annually by its member theaters, and the hundreds of thousands of audience members who see its supported works each year - are creating the new American theater.