Ian R. Crawford / Associate Artistic Director

Ian is proud to be Unicorn Theatre’s Associate Artistic Director after serving as the Director of Development. At Unicorn theatre Ian's directing and design work can frequently be seen on stage.  Unicorn Theatre’s production of The Ghosts of Lote Bravo, which Ian directed, was featured on the cover of American Theatre Magazine. Ian is an alum of the La Mama Umbria Directors’ Symposium and a graduate of Fordham College at Lincoln Center. Thank you to my husband Vince for his constant love and support.

Favorite Unicorn Shows: Hir, Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, Good People

Raleigh Miller / Development Director

Raleigh grew up in Kansas City, left for fifteen years, and then came home. His devotion to Unicorn Theatre has remained uninterrupted throughout.  The first Unicorn show he ever saw was THE LARAMIE PROJECT on September 11, 2001, and he tells that story way too often. Raleigh likes breakfast, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and empowering people to shape their community through engagement, activism, and philanthropy.

Favorite Unicorn Show:  Hir.  


Emily Swenson / Production Manager

Emily Swenson takes great pride in working for the Unicorn Theatre. Aside from production management, Emily has taken on many roles here in scenic, lighting, and projection designs. She loves that coming to work means effecting change in her community. Emily earned her BFA in Theatre from Stephens College and has been dreaming of Unicorns ever since.

Favorite Unicorn Show: Eclipsed

Nathan Gwartney / Director of Marketing

Nathan is proud to be a part of Unicorn Theatre and is grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing staff and dedicated arts community.  As an actor, director, producer and arts administrator, Nathan has been a part of over 150 stage productions over the last 24 years. His very first taste of theatre came in the form of an acting role. He played Michael in Georgeff-Baker Middle School’s 1995 production of “COMING OF AGE: THE MUSICAL” where he sang very loudly without hesitation or any sense of irony about the birds and the bees. He has been trying to live up to that very high standard of art ever since. Nathan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Northeastern State University and a Master of Arts in Theatre from Oklahoma State University.

Favorite Unicorn Shows: Red 

Tanya Brown / Resident Stage Manager

 Tanya is our amazing Resident Stage Manager. The stage manager is the person who runs the show (literally!) From organizing production meetings to checking to make sure actors are at the theatre on-time, calling light cues and assisting each Director.When Tanya is not at the Unicorn she is at the Unicorn. 

Favorite Unicorn Show: Too many to choose

Hannah Taylor / Literary Manager

Hannah is thrilled to be the Unicorn’s Literary Manager after being involved in many Unicorn shows dramaturgically and as a Production Assistant. She is dedicated to finding refreshing, challenging pieces of theatre to bring to the Unicorn stage. When she isn’t at the Unicorn, Hannah works as a teaching artist and director at Trilogy Cultural Arts Centre and as an associate photographer with EpagaFOTO.


Favorite Unicorn Show: How to Use a Knife  

Zia Levin-Gil / Security Coordinator

Zia Levin-Gil is the youngest daughter of Cynthia Levin. Zia is a devoted member of the Unicorn team and earned her position with hard work and ferocity. Zia loves to be involved with almost every aspect of the Unicorn (rehearsals, meetings, lunches, events, lunches and lunches.) She is very serious about the security of the Unicorn and has the bark to prove it. You're always a friend to Zia (unless you are a skateboarder!)

Favorite Unicorn Show: Grey Gardens