Informed Consent

Informed Consent

By Deborah Zoe Laufer

Directed by Darren Sextro

07 Mar - 01 Apr


A brilliant and ambitious genetic anthropologist, Jillian is driven to find a cure for early-onset Alzheimers to save herself and possibly her young daughter from the disease. When the opportunity arises to research the genes of an isolated Native American tribe who could hold the key, Jillian pushes ethical boundaries in the name of scientific progress. Inspired by the real life conflict between the Havasupai Tribe and an Arizona university, Informed Consent takes a fresh look at the age old debate of science versus culture & faith, and whether our DNA should write our life stories.


Production Staff

Stage Manager ~ Tanya Brown

Scenic Designer ~ Kelli Harrod

Lighting Designer ~ Shane Rowse

Sound Designer ~ David Kiehl

Costume Designer ~ Mary Traylor

Properties Designer ~ Eric Palmquist

Projection Designer ~ Emily Swenson

Dramaturg ~ Ian R. Crawford

Assistant Costumer Designer ~ Jon Fulton Adams

Assistant Projection Designer ~ Timothy Sella 

Production Assistant ~ Chloe Robbins

Sound Board Operator ~ Courtney Dozier