By Taylor Mac

Directed by Ian R. Crawford 

30 May - 24 Jun


Chaos reigns supreme in this hilarious reinvention of the classic American family drama. When Isaac returns home from Afghanistan to help take care of his ailing father, he discovers a household in revolt. His mother, Paige, has been liberated from an oppressive marriage, and with the help of her newly “out” transgender teen is passionately dismantling the patriarchy. But in Taylor Mac’s shocking and subversive comedy, even the most radical changes can’t always free you from the past.


Production Staff 

Tanya Brown ~  Stage Manager

Gary Mosby ~ Scenic Designer

Sarah M. Oliver ~ Costume Designer

Alex Perry ~ Lighting Designer

David Kiehl ~ Sound Designer

Eric Palmquist ~ Properties Designer

Ethan Zogg ~ Dramaturg

Erdin Schultz-Bever ~ Production Assistant

Courtney Dozier ~ Sound Board Operator

Josh Davidson ~ Assistant Dramaturg


Phil Fiorini, Sam Cordes, Carla Noack, and Ahafia Jurkiewicz-Miles