By Lee Blessing

Directed by Cynthia Levin

19 Dec- 07 Jan


In this seriously funny romp, the provocative work of one edgy performance artist comes up against a conservative politician running for the senate. He has a lovable dog; a charming, folksy manner; and a campaign to cut “frivolous arts spending.” The artist has a plan for one final shocking performance with her NEA funding. Lee Blessing explores the mysterious connections between dogs and their humans, politics and artists, and miraculous wonder in our lives.


Artistic Staff:

Afton Earp*~ Stage Manager

Ian R. Crawford~ Scenic and Costume Designer

Emily Swenson~ Lighting Designer

Alex Davila~ Assistant Lighting Designer

David Kiehl~ Sound Designer

Alyson Germinder~ Dramaturg

Hannah Taylor~ Production Assistant & Sound Board Operator